Criteria for Placement

To be eligible for placement in a demonstration school program, a candidate must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The student candidate must qualify as a resident pupil of the school board (section 32 of the Education Act)
  • Because of the nature of the learning disability and/or other factors, the student candidate’s primary education need must be a one-year, high intensity academic intervention program placement in reading and writing, and possibly in math
  • The student candidate must have a severe learning disability diagnosis
  • A psychologist or other mental health professional must have determined recently that the student candidate does not require treatment for emotional or behavioural needs that would restrict the student’s ability to fully participate in the demonstration school program
  • An Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) must have recommended to the school board that the student candidate apply for support from a demonstration school
  • The student candidate must have been assessed by a resource services teacher consultant from a demonstration school


School boards may make referrals to the demonstration schools for specific students upon the recommendation of an Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC). Such referrals shall be directed to the appropriate regional office of the PDSB.

Full details of application requirements are outlined in the 1988 memorandum entitled “Application Procedures for Admission to Demonstration Schools,” issued to and available from regional directors of education.

Resource Support

Demonstration Schools provide resource support to schools, students, and school boards upon request. This support can include consultation, professional development, planning, etc. This support can be accessed any time by contacting a PDSB Resource Consultant.

  • Amethyst Demonstration School: (519) 453-4400
  • Sagonaska Demonstration School: (613) 967-2823
  • Trillium Demonstration School: (905) 878-2851
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